Website Design

I was listening to Twit Episode 211 (http://www.twit.tv) and the opening comment referenced a company called SquareSpace (http://www.squarespace.com/twit). At first glance, they appear to offer a complete website administration package ... complete with statistics tracking, hosting, and administration updates. I don't yet know the extent of it's modification ability, but it certainly looks more powerful than the template design sites of the past.

Are there other companies out there doing a complete solution like this? I might have to check out SquareSpace's offer for a free demo of their product.


Accidental Disconnect

Customer feedback is always a touchy subject to the software development process. On one hand, developers encourage feedback and feature requests from customers (because let's be honest, if we're not writing the software for the customer, then who's gonna pay for it?). On the other hand however, we tend to dread feedback which could prove our software ineffective in meeting the customer's needs (it seems to me that this is the more common response).

I certainly encourage customers to ask for what they want in a product, however it seems that in many situations, the customer doesn't really know exactly what they want until you put something in front of them that represents everything they DON'T WANT.

How is a developer to know when the product is good-enough?